Georgia Aquarium launches shark yoga sessions in front of massive tank

Georgia Aquarium launches shark yoga sessions in front of massive tank

Bored of goat yoga? Try shark yoga next

Not content with the peace provided by a great yoga session, we, as a society, have decided that our yoga practice must be done with animals. So far we’ve seen dog yoga, cat yoga, cow yoga, and the now-classic goat yoga. Now, it’s time to go under the sea. Georgia Aquarium’s Oceans Ball Room, in Atlanta, is offering shark yoga. Don’t panic – you’re not actually in the tank with sharks. Instead, the sessions allow you to do your stretches in front of a massive tank that’s home to whale sharks, sea turtles, and manta rays. Sounds relaxing, right?

Roger Montiel, 41, the manager of marketing events at the aquarium, said: ‘We’ve had a couple of iterations of this program. ‘It began as a workout by the water, but we’ve started a partnership with a local studio called Dancing Dogs Yoga and it’s turned into Yoga by the Water. ‘As it’s grown in popularity, we’ve increased the capacity of the classes. Before Covid, we even had an alcoholic beverage component. ‘It was yoga with mimosas and Bellinis. Pre-Covid we had classes as large as 250 guests.’

The program went virtual during lockdown, but has since reopened to the public, while adhering to social distancing guidelines. The classes are now smaller, to keep guests safe, but they’ve only become more popular.

Montiel added: ‘Our classes usually sell out because they only cost $25. Our next class is on April 6th and is almost sold out already.