Meet The Team

Alan KowariAlan Kowari is the editor-in-chief at He is responsible for founding the site, sourcing news topics and making the website what it is today. Alan oversees the work of the other journalists at Kowari, but also contributes as well. He is currently covers Nutrition news at



Sandra BoydSandra Boyd is the head lifestyle journalist at Originally from Bristol, Virginia, Sandra got her start in blogging, which eventually led her to career in freelance journalism. She moved to Dallas in 2014, and has been writing the Lifestyle stories at Kowari since 2021.



Timothy Brown Timothy Brown joined Kowari in 2020. As a freelance journalist, Tim has written stories for publications such as BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post. He moved to Dallas in 2019, and currently covers the Fitness stories at



Nancy BanhNancy Bahn has been a journalist for Kowari since 2020. Nancy grew up in Plymouth, Indiana and later moved to Dallas, Texas for university. Before joinging the Kowari team, Nancy worked as both a freelance journalist and copywriter. She covers health stories.