The Big Sleuth Gets Brainy To Keep Minds Sharp During Lockdown

The Big Sleuth Gets Brainy To Keep Minds Sharp During Lockdown

British health website expands their research into brain boosters to keep their minds sharp during lockdown.

British lockdown has been hard on many residents in the United Kingdom, including those who are working from home. Without going outside, to refresh your mind, workers find it harder to concentrate and get their usual tasks done.

The Big Sleuth is a popular health and nutrition website in England which looks at all aspects of getting a better body. The website looks at ways to burn fat, build muscle, increase intensity in the gym, joint health, and more recently: the best nootropics.

To help cope with the brain fog caused by lockdown ‘The Sleuth’ has been looking deeper into the world of cognitive enhancers.

“We looked at everything the UK market had to offer, and we only found a handful of these ‘nootropics’ that can really deliver for your brain” says The Big Sleuth’s head of supplements.

“A lot of people think a cup of coffee is enough, and for some it is – but the side effects of the caffeine can cause energy crashes and jitters. It’s not ideal.”

“We hope with this new research, more residents in the UK can help find the tools they need to sharpen their minds during this difficult time.”

In addition to recently producing a guide to the best nootropics, Sleuth has also put together a best multivitamin UK guide to also support better overall health.

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The Big Sleuth is a health and fitness website based in the UK. They do everything from supplement guides to fitness and nutrition articles. They have worked tirelessly to find the best options in the supplement market for years and hope to one day find the perfect supplement stack that works for everyone.

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